Isabella I of Castile


Because that’s a great worldview to have !!



I have always thought Judi Dench  was bad-ass but after seeing Skyfall it’s nice to see everyone is starting to agree with me . Now obviously I’m not going to be a heartless bitch and give away spoilers. But SPOILER ALERT James Bond is the blond one!!!!

But I mean look at her everything just screams bad-ass!!!


Also look at that stare it’s very intimidating so from now if I don’t approve of something I’m totally going to use Judi Dench


But I still can’t decide who is the most badass Judi Dench, Helen Mirren or Maggie Smith it’s a hard decision:

I mean with Helen Mirren she can even make flower arranging look cool:


Then there is Maggie Smith: I mean for goodness sake she can do magic



So guys I have been basically dying under my huge workload so that has meant no time for blogging – NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have been thinking of you all don’t worry my pretties so I promise to reward you all with some posts!!! Starting off with some medieval history (YES I’M JUST THAT COOL)

So anyway I would like to show you an extract from a manuscript called The Romance of the Rose ( Sounds Sweet doesn’t it – WRONG!!)

Now if you think hey those things in the tree kind of look like dicks you would be correct.
It’s essentially a joke image about how lusty women can be.

Basically this is a french poem! At various times in the poem, the “Rose” of the title is seen as the name of the lady, and as a symbol of female sexuality in general. Basically it’s a poem about sex!!



Hey Guys It’s you favourite post time Science Time wooo

So anyway recently it was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic and  the jokes and stupidity has been awesome. I think my favourite so far is RIP Celine Dion it’s so sad that your voice went down with the ship we still love you even now. Ok guys just to make it clear  although how sometimes when you hear people singing the song or saying OH MY GOD I LOVE CELINE DION SHE IS LIKE MY HERO!!!! you wish she was dead. Trust me she isn’t and if that was true and she was on the titanic I have to say one thing DAMN she looks good for her age.

Anyway so they releasing  the film in 3D dun duh ,and everyone is still moaning about the never let go scene cus let’s be honest there is room on the board.

Well let’s use science to determine this won’t that be fun eeek 🙂

Thou only Livest once

So everyone is going on about this YOLO thing at the moment, which by the way I fucking hate!!!!. Whatever happened to CARPE DIEM (Don’t I sound classy).
But anyway if we are going to use an abbreviation. Let’s at least use one with a bit of legitimacy ok guys plus saying Thou makes you seem uber classy.I mean look at these bad ass PUNKS:


THEY ARE LIKE SO HARDCORE!!!. Therefore clearly instead of YOLO it should be TOLO!

Also did you know that TOLO is Portuguese for fool .Now can you see where I’m coming from.

Guys for reading my blog here is a present for you all.

So I was thinking what should I give the great followers of my blog!!!!!!! Because honestly you guys deserve it for putting up with me!!!
Here are some possible ideas that went through my head at the time:

  1. A unicorn for all your travelling needs.
  2. A Llama – Who the hell wouldn’t want a llama.
  3. A country – hmm there maybe some ethical issues on this one.
  4. A slave – yeah i might be arrested for that one.
  5. A pet rock – the best pet ever!!! They are always there for you, and no walkies or feeding needed.

But then after speaking to UPS they said “NO”.(THOSE BASTARDS)  They basically summed it up as being kinda of stalkerish to track you all down and have to say after a lot of thought i do agree with them.

So i though some more well i had a nap, then a party by myself – I’m really cool shut up…. and then i decided i would give you a voucher that you can print off so I have fun guys!!! 😉