Hey Guys It’s you favourite post time Science Time wooo

So anyway recently it was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic and  the jokes and stupidity has been awesome. I think my favourite so far is RIP Celine Dion it’s so sad that your voice went down with the ship we still love you even now. Ok guys just to make it clear  although how sometimes when you hear people singing the song or saying OH MY GOD I LOVE CELINE DION SHE IS LIKE MY HERO!!!! you wish she was dead. Trust me she isn’t and if that was true and she was on the titanic I have to say one thing DAMN she looks good for her age.

Anyway so they releasing  the film in 3D dun duh ,and everyone is still moaning about the never let go scene cus let’s be honest there is room on the board.

Well let’s use science to determine this won’t that be fun eeek 🙂


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