Guys for reading my blog here is a present for you all.

So I was thinking what should I give the great followers of my blog!!!!!!! Because honestly you guys deserve it for putting up with me!!!
Here are some possible ideas that went through my head at the time:

  1. A unicorn for all your travelling needs.
  2. A Llama – Who the hell wouldn’t want a llama.
  3. A country – hmm there maybe some ethical issues on this one.
  4. A slave – yeah i might be arrested for that one.
  5. A pet rock – the best pet ever!!! They are always there for you, and no walkies or feeding needed.

But then after speaking to UPS they said “NO”.(THOSE BASTARDS)  They basically summed it up as being kinda of stalkerish to track you all down and have to say after a lot of thought i do agree with them.

So i though some more well i had a nap, then a party by myself – I’m really cool shut up…. and then i decided i would give you a voucher that you can print off so I have fun guys!!! 😉


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