Oh yeah I completely forgot the trailer for the stupid film. I mean the great and awesome film


I’m back B*****

Yes you heard it right I’m back after 4 months of extreme laziness well that and I ran out of jokes who I’m kidding I’m freaking amazing.

So anyway this summer have been watching a selection of “Great films” honestly if you see just one film this summer forget about batman and the avengers. You have to watch Sharktopus.

Here is the low down for you:

The U.S narvy commissions a group known as “Blue Water” to genetically engineer a half-shark. half-octopus for combat. During a demonstration off Santa Monica, the beast escapes the control of its creators and makes its way to beach. Hunted by Blue Water and a television crew, the monster attacks numerous beach-goers.

So basically you get to see bitching film about bitches getting eaten what is there not like!!!