it’s bad ass story for you

Once upon a time there was racist tree.seriously, honestly guys this tree is like uber racist!!

High on a hill overlooking the town, the racist tree grew where the grass was half clover. Children wouldvisit during the sunlit hours, and ask for apples.The racist tree would shaker it’s branches and dropped the delicious red fruit that gleamed without being polished. The children ate many of the racist trees’s apples and then played games beneath the shade of its racist branches. One day the children brought Simon with them, a boy who had just moved to town, to play around the racist tree.

“Let Simon have an Apple,” asked a little girl

. “I don’t think so. He’s black!” said the tree.

This shocked the children and they spoke to the tree angrily, but it would not shaker it’s branches to give Simon an apple, and racistly called him a N*****.

“I can’t believe the racist tree is such a racist,” said one of the children. The children momentarily reflected that perhaps this kind of behavior was how the racist tree got its name.A side note– these kids are really that thick (if you hadn’t guessed that already) It was decided that if the tree was going to deny apples to Simon then nobody would take its apples. And the children stop visiting the racist tree. The racist tree grew quite lonely.

After many solitary weeks or so it saw a child flying a kite nearby across the Cloverfield. “Can I offer you some apples?”Asked the tree eagerly.

“Fuck off, you god damn Nazi,” said the child. (RUDE) The Racist trees was upset, because while it was a racist, it did not personally subscribe to Hitler’s fascist ideology. Then the Racist tree decided that it would have to give apples to the black children; not because it was tolerant, but because otherwise it would face ostracism from white children.

And thus social progress was made.

The end.

Now this story is one of the literary greats it does show how social progress can come about. It just takes one person to make the difference. Now enough of this ranting crap. Here is a picture if you change your name on POKEMON to F*** me


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