So I have a story to tell you

This completely slipped my mind until I remembered it just now. Anyway I was on the train the other day I love how most of my stories involve trains haha. Anyway I was talking to this guy no he wasn’t extremely attractive or anything he was just a nice guy. Anyway we came to introducing our names so I told him mine and he was like oh I’m Edward. Anyway ordinary name but I had happened to read this comic that very morning


So anyway like a genius I thought i know i shall be extremely suave, and so I replied ” Oh what like Edward VI” He looked in confusion and yet I still I blindly carried on ” You Know the only son of Henry VIII.” HE still looks confused “The King he died at like 15 – the Tudor period – Anything?” Anyway he looks at me like I’m complete dumb-ass/ major nerd. And he replied “Oh this is my stop I better move.” Yeah the train wasn’t even at a station he just decided to move – yep and that’s how good I am at picking up guys totally in there.


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