Watch out we got a badass here

I hope Judge Judy sends you down motherfucker I mean you horrible boy!


Growing up

When you do finally admit you are growing up even though you secretly hoped you would find the genie

You never forgot old friends even the ones who protect you from the monster in closet – yes i mean monster because there are some scary shizrod going on with those closet companies

My mind is going to blow up

So unfortunately for the rest of the world I have been thinking quite a lot lately, which is extremely bad for people for example it have thought of a new spokesperson for apple:

As you can see this is a massive problem for everyone , but at least i am mumering my ideas over out loud or over  the blog sphere because i could end up like this:

Yes it is always the quiet one who murder or become slut to which i greet them with this

Oh wait that’s just how i greet most of my housemates never mind!!